Jayson Howard

Jayson Howard Poems

1. Holding Breath For Seasons 4/21/2008
2. Under The Stars 4/21/2008
3. That Was Sarcasm Honey, Calm Down 4/21/2008
4. [unfinished Stories] 4/21/2008
5. One Chance Tonight 4/21/2008
6. Choke Up 4/29/2008
7. Thinking And Walking 4/29/2008
8. The Same Game 4/29/2008
9. The Girl Outside My Door(Never On My Doorstep) 5/20/2008
10. Look At The Sky 5/22/2008
11. To The Times 8/16/2008
12. Miserable Is, As Miserable Does? 8/16/2008
13. Enochlophobia With A Hint Of Nephophobia 8/16/2008
14. You'Re Dreaming, If You'Re Believing 7/13/2009
15. Just Right 7/16/2009
16. Stuck Here 8/16/2009
17. A Happy Day 9/11/2009
18. Down To It 9/29/2009
19. Live Life, Live Light. 10/15/2009
20. On My Knees... 12/14/2009
21. Secret Love 3/24/2010
22. Couldn'T Believe It 4/10/2010
23. You'Ll Find. 6/2/2010
24. The Keys 7/1/2010
25. Light At The Crossroads 7/8/2010
26. Sky Sailing 7/8/2010
27. The Moment 8/12/2010
28. You'Ve Got The Shine Of A Star In Your Eyes 10/13/2008
29. The Nights Keep Calling 11/3/2008
30. Knockalocka-Octapus 11/17/2008
31. Apologies Again And Again 1/11/2009
32. The Three Of You 9/16/2010
33. I Know Patience 10/14/2010
34. Brighter Where You Are 11/3/2010
35. Countless Days 11/8/2010
36. Naive & Gorgeous 2/13/2011
37. What We'Ve Become 6/8/2011
38. Company 7/21/2011
39. Elements 11/23/2011
40. Nothing To Say 9/16/2010
Best Poem of Jayson Howard

You Were Not Worth The Trouble

If our paths haven't crossed by now,
I'm sure they will soon.
I mean, you're all dressed up,
and sitting across the room.
Why did I come all this way tonight?
Surely it wasn't to watch the trees blow in the moonlight.

With the windows up, and the wind blowing in,
I smell your scent, I smell you and,
your house is packed with all your friends,
at least I'm one of them, am I one of them?

So the time's coming for us,
to finally head back.
And hey, maybe, just maybe,
I'll see you in class.
Why don't you stop by and say 'Hi' in the lunch ...

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One Chance Tonight

Walking on glass, a wasted mass.
Step through time, don’t get stuck, entwined.
Throw thoughts farther than stones, stop pondering alone.
While feeling through braille, looking so pale,
when light’s darker than the dark veins in your heart.
The blood rush is ripping insides apart.

With no one, journey through flower beds, fall on stems.
Don’t recognize friends, when you couldn’t make it without them.

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