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Poems of Jeffrey Markle

1. A Lovers Thought 10/2/2013
2. As I ponder 3/23/2013
3. Foxholes, Potholes, and Grand Canyons 6/2/2013
4. Grown Up Little Boy 4/5/2013
5. I Saw Her There 4/3/2013
6. My Dreams 2/26/2013
7. My far away friend 3/3/2013
8. My Honey 3/10/2013
9. The Day I'll Leave Go 4/4/2013
10. The Vision 3/31/2013
11. The Way Home 3/10/2013
12. Time 3/11/2013
13. Tomorrow 3/19/2013
14. Winter 3/24/2013

The Way Home

Country road or interstate
Doesn't matter which you take
They take you here they take you there
They'll take you almost anywhere

South and North West and East
Doesn't matter none the least
When you're no more set to roam
They'll be a road to get you home

[Hata Bildir]