Jennifer Chang

(New Jersey / United States)

Poems of Jennifer Chang

1. Again a Solstice 7/15/2014
2. Conversation with Slugs and Sarah 7/15/2014
3. Estuary 7/15/2014
4. Field Guide to the Night Sky 7/15/2014
5. Freedom in Ohio 7/15/2014
6. Genealogy 7/15/2014
7. Pastoral 7/15/2014
8. Slept 7/15/2014
9. Sonogram 7/15/2014
10. The Skin's Broken Aria 7/15/2014


This stream took a shorter course—
a thread of water that makes oasis
out of mud, in pooling,
does not aspire to lake. To river, leave

the forest, the clamorous wild.
I cannot. Wherever I am,
I am here, nonsensical, rhapsodic,
stock-still as the trees. Trickling

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