Jim Yerman

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Jim Yerman Poems

1. A Country Song 10/18/2013
2. I Do 10/19/2013
3. Faces Of Courage 10/20/2013
4. The Cemetery Of The Heart 10/27/2013
5. The Christmas Tree 11/2/2013
6. Changing Of The Leaves 11/3/2013
7. The Speed Limit 11/4/2013
8. Painting Project 11/7/2013
9. Together 11/9/2013
10. Old Jokes 11/10/2013
11. A Simple Lesson 11/13/2013
12. Words 11/14/2013
13. Memory 11/18/2013
14. Who Am I? 11/19/2013
15. The Evolution Of Camping 11/27/2013
16. Happy Thanksgiving 11/28/2013
17. Mysterious Ways 11/29/2013
18. Destiny 11/30/2013
19. Christmas Shopping 12/1/2013
20. The Best Christmas Tree We Ever Had 12/2/2013
21. Things That Don'T Make Any Sense 12/3/2013
22. A New Generation Of Granparents 12/4/2013
23. I Swear 12/5/2013
24. You Didn'T Have To Swear 12/6/2013
25. There Is No Reasoning With A Fool 12/7/2013
26. Our First Thanksgiving Dinner 11/20/2013
27. Our Second Thanksgiving Dinner 11/21/2013
28. What Might Have Been 11/22/2013
29. A Choice Every One Of Us Can Make 11/23/2013
30. Echoes 12/9/2013
31. # My Philosophy 12/10/2013
32. Is This Progress? 12/13/2013
33. The Wings Of Time 12/14/2013
34. Innocence 12/15/2013
35. That Depends 12/17/2013
36. 12 Days 12/21/2013
37. From Mrs. Smith To Betty Crocker 12/22/2013
38. I Heard The Willow Weep 12/23/2013
39. Merry Christmas Eve 12/24/2013
40. Merry Christmas 12/25/2013
Best Poem of Jim Yerman

Don'T Worry, Be Happy

We live in a world that doesn’t slow down, it’s seems everyone’s in a hurry
Which causes us lots of stress, lots of anxiety, and an abundance of worry.

We worry about money, our health, our children, we worry about being late
We worry about getting older, about our jobs and gaining weight.

I imagine amidst all this hustle, all this bustle, all this hapless hurrying
There are even people out there who worry about worrying!

Worrying can be debilitating, it can be an enemy and a curse
And everyone knows telling someone not to worry, only makes it worse.


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Faces Of Courage

I saw him on the evening news, the soldier in his hospital bed
Whom everyone thought unconscious and unable to move his head.

But Corporal Hargis was awake…in fact he was astute
For when he was given his Purple Heart he found the strength to salute.

Thank you Corporal Hargis for your courage helps keep the rest of us free.
But your story got me to thinking about all the faces of courage I see.

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