Joe Bisicchia

Poems of Joe Bisicchia

1. Children of God 10/3/2013
2. Choluteca Bridge 2/8/2014
3. Each to our own device 8/2/2013
4. Georgia Peach 7/29/2013
5. Grandma’s Hard Of Hearing 1/30/2014
6. Let us read each other 7/29/2013
7. Never Forget 9/10/2013
8. No Leash 5/11/2013
9. Unknown 7/29/2013
10. Upon the honeysuckle 6/7/2013


I have a name. Hear it thunder.
It rumbles across the stone symbols,
so many steeples, and it leaps spire to spire
farther and higher, across the many roofs, the wires,
maybe understood only by a beloved dove,
for of that flier I did dream, maybe by Grace
to be worthy so to protect what all children should love.


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