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Jorge Rolon Poems

1. W.A.H 6/13/2010
2. Valentino 6/13/2010
3. Only One 6/13/2010
4. You And Me(: 3/19/2010
5. Tell Me Why 6/12/2010
6. What Happened 6/20/2010
7. Somedays 8/6/2010
8. It Should Be 8/29/2010
9. Die Tonight 11/22/2010
10. Love Me? 11/28/2010
11. Your Hand 1/10/2011
12. Love Letters From Syur 1/24/2011
13. I Miss You 3/21/2011
14. Late Night Phone Conversations 3/24/2011
15. Midnight Blues 3/24/2011
16. Late Night Dreams 3/24/2011
17. In My Arms 1/23/2012
18. The Story Of Us 1/25/2012
19. Laci's Song 4/12/2012
20. Barlights 7/21/2012
21. Your Song 10/5/2012
22. Am 8/24 8/30/2014
23. Coincidence Is Hope For A Non-Believer 8/30/2014
24. Across The Courtyard 9/2/2014
25. Dreams 4/20/2012
26. Ashley Don'T Go 5/27/2012
27. Mrs.Blue Eyes 6/13/2010
28. Milkshake 8/3/2010
29. She Changed Me 6/13/2010
30. Midnight Thoughts 5/23/2011
31. The Things I Never Said 4/20/2012
32. Christmas Without You 12/22/2010
33. Home Is Where The Heart Is 1/20/2011
34. Gone But Not Forgotten 6/25/2012
35. Our Last Goodbyes 4/5/2011
36. Going Home 2/26/2011
37. Just Let Go 6/13/2010
Best Poem of Jorge Rolon

Just Let Go

All I wanna do is forget.

But all i can feel is this damn regret.

U were the best thing in my life.

Now I feel lik I got stabed by a f'n nife.

Maybe these fellings are wrong.

Maybe I should be a lil mor stong.

But the love I have for you will never go away.

I think of u every day.

All I wanna do is let go.

I dont know why I care any mo.

All you ever did was treat mi like shit.

I wanna stand in the middle of the street and get hit.

Then on life I can just quit.

But I Dont wanna dip.

I finally found...

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Mrs.Blue Eyes

Hey There Mrs. Blue Eyes, Your standing alone
Hey There Mrs. Blue Eyes, Lemme sing you a song
If you only knew, alll i felt for you
I hate to see you blue, Mrs. Blue Eyes

Hey There Mrs. Blue Eyes, il sing in the rain
Hey There Mrs. Blue Eyes, youl think im insane
i long to see you smile
ive been gone for a while

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