Joseph Brodsky

(24 May 1940 – 28 January 1996 / Leningrad)

Joseph Brodsky Poems

1. A List Of Some Observation... 1/1/2004
2. A Polar Explorer 1/1/2004
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5. Bosnia Tune 4/19/2010
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7. Dutch Mistress 1/1/2004
8. Elegy 1/1/2004
9. Folk Tune 1/1/2004
10. From A School Anthology 4/19/2010
11. Galatea Encore 1/1/2004
12. I Sit By The Window 1/13/2003
13. I Threw My Arms About Those Shoulders 1/1/2004
14. Letter To An Archaeologist 1/1/2004
15. Letters To The Roman Friend 4/19/2010
16. Love 4/19/2010
17. Love 4/19/2010
18. May 24, 1980 1/1/2004
19. Moscow Carol 4/19/2010
20. Odysseus To Telemachus 1/20/2003
21. On The 100th Anniversary Of Anna Akhmatova 4/19/2010
22. Part Of Speech 1/13/2003
23. Seaward 1/1/2004
24. Seven Strophes 1/1/2004
25. Stone Villages 1/1/2004
26. TÖRnfallet 1/20/2003
27. To Urania 1/20/2003
28. Tornfallet 1/1/2004
29. Tsushima Screen 1/1/2004
Best Poem of Joseph Brodsky

I Sit By The Window

I said fate plays a game without a score,
and who needs fish if you've got caviar?
The triumph of the Gothic style would come to pass
and turn you on--no need for coke, or grass.
I sit by the window. Outside, an aspen.
When I loved, I loved deeply. It wasn't often.

I said the forest's only part of a tree.
Who needs the whole girl if you've got her knee?
Sick of the dust raised by the modern era,
the Russian eye would rest on an Estonian spire.
I sit by the window. The dishes are done.
I was happy here. But I won't be again.

I wrote: The bulb looks at...

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To Urania

Everything has its limit, including sorrow.
A windowpane stalls a stare. Nor does a grill abandon
a leaf. One may rattle the keys, gurgle down a swallow.
Loneliness cubes a man at random.
A camel sniffs at the rail with a resentful nostril;
a perspective cuts emptiness deep and even.
And what is space anyway if not the
body's absence at every given
point? That's why Urania's older than sister Clio!

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