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Julianna O'Bar

Poems of Julianna O'Bar

1. A Winter's Day 9/1/2013
2. Do You Doubt? 9/21/2013
3. Empty 3/2/2013
4. Entering the Cursed Dwarf Mountain 8/9/2013
5. If you Really, Truly Love Me 1/23/2013
6. One Word 9/29/2013
7. The Light at the End 2/9/2014
8. The Sky, the Sun, and the Stars 7/14/2013
9. We Write On 12/14/2012
10. What is Misfortune? 12/11/2012
11. Who Are You? 4/8/2013

A Winter's Day

A winter's day is what you make of it.
The clouds above could be a comfort
Or a prison.
The trees could be beautiful
Or barren.
The piled snow could be a blanket
Or a trap.
The ice could be an attraction
Or a hazard.

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