Kaitlyn Breitkreutz

Rookie (20-02-1994 / RBH)

Kaitlyn Breitkreutz Poems

1. Smiles Come And Smiles Go =p 5/8/2009
2. Crying 5/9/2009
3. Please Tell Me 5/9/2009
4. There Was Once A Time 5/17/2009
5. If You Left 5/17/2009
6. You'Ll Always Be Mine 5/19/2009
7. Life Goes On! 6/10/2009
8. Bessie Girl 6/24/2009
9. Love 6/24/2009
10. Thinking Of You 6/24/2009
11. Nothing Changed 6/24/2009
12. Its Hurting 6/24/2009
13. Why? 6/24/2009
14. How Can You? ? ? 7/12/2009
15. Easily True.. 7/12/2009
16. Moving Forward.! 7/31/2009
17. New Beginning.! 7/31/2009
18. Life..... 1/24/2010
19. Scared 8/3/2010
20. Mothers Valentines Day Card 6/24/2009
21. Year 10 6/24/2009
22. I Played A Stupid Game 5/17/2009
23. Only.. 5/8/2009
24. You 5/19/2009
25. Life 5/19/2009
26. I Still Love You 6/24/2009
27. Tears 5/19/2009
Best Poem of Kaitlyn Breitkreutz


Since you left
You never knew,
Just how to,
Reach out and touch me.

The slamming door
takes me back,
Too what i used too adore
It takes me back,
Too all the memories i had before.

The tears you never saw me cry
The hard work i did too try,
I look back on what we used used to be,
Now all i see, is someone,
who was never there for me.

When you were here
I held you near
But, i guess it was too much
For a little girls heart too stay attached

You used too be,
the only one who really knew me.
You used to ...

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There Was Once A Time

There was once a time
when you were ALWAYS here
There was once a time
When I held you near
There was once a time
When you hugged me everyday
And when I didnt you got mad and ran away

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