Keith Michael

Rookie (new brunswick, new jersey)

Keith Michael Poems

1. National Socialist Reform Party 12/13/2012
2. The Birds And The Bees 12/30/2012
3. Mailbox, Fire Hydrant Red 11/27/2012
4. Nypd, Pugs, And Donuts 6/1/2013
5. Hemegonic Rituals 6/1/2013
6. The Woman With The Head Of Roses 5/10/2013
7. Memories & Coffee 11/17/2012
8. Sgt. Dove 11/16/2012
9. Blow Out The Streetlight 11/16/2012
10. Two Of Me, None Of You 11/16/2012
11. Close Hatchet 11/16/2012
12. Look Elsewhere 11/16/2012
13. Ghraima 11/16/2012
14. Cliammte Innuendo 11/17/2012
15. D(E) Ad 11/17/2012
16. I, No, I 11/17/2012
17. I'M Going... Threw Life 11/17/2012
18. Malkiaim 11/17/2012
19. Please, Mr. Gravedigger. 11/17/2012
20. Daehraj 11/17/2012
21. To Be, Or Not To Beseech 11/17/2012
22. Roses In The Vegetable Garden 11/17/2012
23. Shh, Quiet 11/16/2012
24. Continuuee, Non, Togetheerr 11/16/2012
25. Earth On Your Left 11/16/2012
26. But Love, My Love 11/16/2012
27. Equal Opportunity A**hole 11/16/2012
28. Flugima 11/16/2012
29. Empire 11/16/2012
30. Quarashii 11/16/2012
31. Sit, Wait Moon 11/16/2012
32. Never Scene, Picture This 11/16/2012
33. Lilac Sun, Dandelion Curvature 11/16/2012
34. None I'Ve Felt Before 11/16/2012
35. Lay, Make, Night 11/16/2012
36. And Aren'T Saw 11/16/2012
37. Short & Sweet 11/18/2012
38. Circumventus Arspastus 11/18/2012
39. Tightly Unwound 11/21/2012
40. Spillitz Pomee 11/21/2012
Best Poem of Keith Michael

National Socialist Reform Party

why is war something where we all have to get involved, whoever starts it and declares it, should fight it. send in the politicians and their sons, their wives, and then see how fast they are to sign a treaty. but once you send me off to war, you have more leeway to fight. you won't worry about how my parents feel, about how they'll be so heartbroken when they get that officer at their door with a letter that holds the inevitable. so lets not go around just starting wars and getting our noses involved over seas. they have been around for thousands of years before us and i highly doubt ...

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your lips were as wet as the ocean, your eyes the gleaming of the sun rising off of it. when i touched the bottom of the sea, that was my heart melting after setting eyes upon you. i saw your arm reach out for me, to bring me back to life. you are my life raft, a saving grace. the first thing i saw was your beautiful smile, as white as the foam

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