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1. Holding On 12/21/2011
2. My Mother My Life 12/21/2011
3. The Route To Success 12/23/2011
4. The One 12/24/2011
5. So Sad You Cant See Me 12/25/2011
6. Oh Mother 12/26/2011
7. How Could You 12/27/2011
8. Terry And Rihana's Trauma 12/31/2011
9. Lots Love Lost 1/9/2012
10. Death 10/29/2012
11. The Sun 12/2/2012
12. Miss Al-Khalifa 12/23/2011
13. My Heart In My Hands 12/21/2011
14. Moment Of Truth 12/21/2011
15. My Greatest Fear 12/24/2011
16. The Fallen Star 12/25/2011
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The Fallen Star

I am like the fallen wish
So lonely as a fallen star
My bed a pool of tears I cry
Alone! ' I cry myself to sleep
'Alone I am with me!
Lonely in a world of mist
Alone, I reach to touch your wrist
And see if I am thee.’

To be alone beside a soul
Afloat, adrift; an empty ghoul
Alone in woe; the yearning flesh
To fill a thin, contorted mesh
Diffuse atop an icy floor
All alone I am alone

Too much stare much nightmare
Only thee walls
Can speak and share
loneliness a disease
Thee only cure is care

I am a song without a tune ...

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Holding On

Strength is nothing more than how well you hide the pain, in chasing yesterday you miss tomorrow. There's only a thin line between patience and winning, share the love and keep your hopes alive, love is what we were born with, fear is what we learn here. Not everything is meant to be but everything is worth a try.
Holding on has a cost but giving up is not only has a cost, but it consumes your spirit, your hopes and your prayers..
In times of difficulty, hold on. In times of insecurities, pres

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