Laura Cummings

Rookie (Friday 16th October 1987 / Alexander Hospital, Redditch.)

Laura Cummings Poems

1. Imagination 11/1/2005
2. Desperation 8/13/2005
3. Humble Pie 9/12/2005
4. Nothing New 8/13/2005
5. Stalked 7/4/2005
6. Typing To Hard 7/6/2005
7. She Had No Choice 6/5/2006
8. Dead To The World 9/27/2006
9. Sleeping Together 10/1/2006
10. Cry 11/27/2006
11. Hello? 4/15/2007
12. Reflections 12/29/2007
13. Bedtime Stories 1/18/2008
14. L'Amour 3/3/2009
15. Washing Clean Tomorow 7/22/2010
16. I Hate / I Love 3/3/2009
17. Behind The Steering Wheel. 11/25/2005
18. Too Much Free Time Now 6/27/2005
19. Bad Luck 8/13/2005
20. Glass Walls 9/27/2006
21. Ghetto 8/13/2005
22. Never Improving Always The Same 6/27/2005
23. What's The Word? 11/1/2005
24. ? 1/18/2008
25. Lavender Embrace 5/23/2007
26. Me And You 12/27/2007
27. The Cry 12/29/2007
28. Self-Righteous Suicide 3/21/2006
29. Emotions Raw 8/13/2005
30. Walls To Be Broken 4/23/2005
31. Jaxda 5/4/2005
32. Running. 5/12/2005
33. Life 5/4/2005
34. The Way The Wind Blows. 5/18/2005
35. My Old China Doll. 5/18/2005
36. Nightmare In Truth 5/4/2005
37. Behind Tired Eyes 4/25/2005
38. Ultimo Momenti Come Un Spinster, Primi Momenti, Tua Sposa. 3/19/2009
39. Bad W Riting 7/4/2005
40. This Is My Last Goodbye 4/29/2005
Best Poem of Laura Cummings

I Love My Daddy (Age16)

I love loving my Daddy,
I love it when he gives me love,
It started when i was 5-6 years old,
It used to hurt when my Daddy loved me,
But recently it started feeling good,
I love it when he creeps into my room late at night,
And reminds me as always that its our little secret,
And that everyone does it they just dont like to talk about it,
No wonder everyone does it when it feels so good,
I love it when he touches my neck,
To my lower soft spot,
He touches so gently yet firmly,
Slow then fast,
then he lifts my arms above my head while kissing...

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The Healer.

I race to your side and press my hands against your warm smooth skin,
Our eyes lock I take a deep breath and the connection begins,
I see into your soul and wonder if you can see mine,
I feel our souls entwine as I get a rush of images,
Flashes of your past,
Images of how you see me,
And the strangest thing is that through your eyes I am beautiful,
I feel us pulling closer as a white light wraps around us tickling our skin.
Suddenly we’re naked,

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