Leigh Parham

(3/30/94 / Stuttgart)

Poems of Leigh Parham

1. Eternally In Love 2/16/2011
2. How God? 12/16/2008
3. Love = Pain 3/1/2010
4. Mom, don't give up 12/15/2008
5. Runaway 12/12/2008
6. Sorry 10/26/2009
7. There Are People 12/16/2008
8. To All Runaways 3/6/2009
9. What If? 3/6/2009
10. You Found Me Through Darkness 11/3/2010


There are so many times anger that builds up,
it makes me want to run away
I have wanted to run away so many times,
but I didn't because I thought of my family
Dad thinks that I'm ungrateful,
but is he ungrateful or am I?
I'm sick of this life
Sometimes I feel like there is nothing for me
I'm either mad or hurt at this new house

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