1. Ever Narrowing Face 10/6/2012
2. Extinguished Life 10/6/2012
3. Beautiful 10/6/2012
4. Fizzled Life At Stake 10/6/2012
5. Fire Inspiration 10/6/2012
6. Decorated Misfortunes 10/6/2012
7. Aquatic Love 10/6/2012
8. God's Arithmetic 10/6/2012
9. Goodbye Mine M.J. 10/6/2012
10. Goodbye Proud World 10/6/2012
11. Gossips Of Beauty 10/6/2012
12. Battle Of The Mind 10/6/2012
13. Great Uduka 10/6/2012
14. Hall Of Fame 10/6/2012
15. Happiness Where? 10/6/2012
16. Helen Of My Life 10/6/2012
17. My Beautiful Muse 10/8/2012
18. Mirror Of Life 10/8/2012
19. Love For A Grecian Goddess-Athena 10/8/2012
20. Man Know Thyself 10/8/2012
21. Love's Tenderness 10/8/2012
22. K-K My Angel 10/8/2012
23. Like A Novel 10/8/2012
24. Loving You Is So Beautiful 10/8/2012
25. My Heart Felt 10/8/2012
26. Pleasant Thoughts 10/8/2012
27. Pledge To My Heroes 10/8/2012
28. Qualities Of Kas 10/8/2012
29. Sleepless Night 10/8/2012
30. She Lamented 10/8/2012
31. She Is A Freezer 10/8/2012
32. She Came In Coated Lips 10/8/2012
33. She Came And Went 10/8/2012
34. Our Politicians! 10/8/2012
35. O' Murderous Poverty 10/8/2012
36. Sorry For Those Days With Anger 10/8/2012
37. One Death Many Pains 10/8/2012
38. Sarah The Nightingale 10/8/2012
39. Rising Sun 10/8/2012
40. Silent Wedding 10/8/2012

My Mermaid Love

She is sexy with beautiful sexy swaying breasts,
Sensual flowing hair, mystifying, enchanting,
Fascinating, appealing, bewitching, alluring, beautiful
With a topless female form my eyes has ever seen
Thus it is she the water mermaid girl I love.

She is thus an emblem of sexual ambiguity,
She is erotic but passionless; a culturally charge gender
Model whose sedative capacity is valued over her reproductive capacity
Thus it is she the water mermaid girl I love.

She is an epitome of perfected beauty,
Having eternally youthful figure and erotic ...

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Battle Of The Mind

When you are with her there is the sun,
But when you're away from her there is only but eternal night.
And I swear to all things that is holy,
That I love her with all the ounce of my very being;
No! She is a coquette! O yes of course to my knowledge
Yet against the voice of my conscience I wooed her.
Thus I have seen her chaste, meek and beautiful that you called coquette,
For her very footsteps alone moistens my rough thighs.
And in my mind's eye I see her loose gown from her shoul

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