Lindemberg Pereira da Silva

Rookie (04/03/1985 / Brazil)

Lindemberg Pereira da Silva Poems

41. 'Lonely Lover On The Sea' 10/10/2009
42. 'Lonely Heart On The Line' 10/8/2009
43. 'Loneliness' 10/28/2009
44. Logos 10/3/2011
45. 'Little Seeds Of Love' 6/25/2010
46. 'Little Pieces Of The Two Of Us' 5/5/2010
47. 'Little Bells In The Christmas' 12/20/2009
48. 'Like A Hurted Bird' 2/3/2010
49. 'Like A Harmony' 10/8/2009
50. Like A Dream Love Is Born 4/23/2011
51. Let's Sing! Let's Sing! Let's Sing! 12/24/2010
52. 'Let My Love To Flourish In Your Heart' 10/9/2009
53. 'It's Late To Say Goodbye' 5/28/2010
54. 'In The Same Breath' 1/16/2010
55. 'In The Garden Of The Love' 11/9/2009
56. 'In The Chains Of The Love' 2/7/2010
57. 'In Love For You' 2/27/2010
58. In Front Of A River 3/8/2011
59. 'I Touched My Star Once From The Top Of A Hill' 7/19/2010
60. 'I Can See Myself Through Your Eyes' 2/27/2010
61. Gravestone 3/8/2011
62. 'Forever Kept In My Heart' 4/2/2010
63. 'Far From My Heart' 11/1/2009
64. 'Fallen Leaves In The Winter' 2/11/2010
65. 'Dreams Of Hope' 6/14/2010
66. 'Didn'T Mean To Fall In Love For You' 10/9/2009
67. 'Dancing Under The Lights Of The Streets.' 11/12/2009
68. 'Christmas' 5/23/2010
69. Boys Were Flying The Kites 12/24/2010
70. 'Between The Lines' 6/6/2010
71. 'Behind The Scenes' 1/16/2010
72. Before The Heavy Winter Comes 10/18/2010
73. 'As The Sun Is Rising On The Horizon' 11/12/2009
74. 'As If....' 9/3/2010
75. 'Alone In The Streets' 5/24/2010
76. 'All I'Ve Got For You Are More Than Dreams' 10/10/2009
77. 'All I Pray' 12/17/2009
78. A Word Never Said 10/3/2011
79. 'A Whisper' 11/3/2009
80. 'A Warm Morning In The Winter' 7/31/2010
Best Poem of Lindemberg Pereira da Silva

'I Can See Myself Through Your Eyes'

No prizes for guessing
I can spot that a miles off.
It's clear in the look
which comes from your eyes -
I can myself through them
There's no way to hide.

Wherever you go
Whomever you think of
I will be always on your mind.
Whatever it takes
It doesn't matter -
Just let throw the light on our love.

Your unsteady steps walking toward me
How you lose the words
when everyone is around
It's not that hard to see.
I lose my feets on the ground
And my heart starts to beat desperately,
When you look at my eyes
And you find yourself ...

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'The Mirror'

'-Em que espelho ficou
perdida a minha face? '
(CecĂ­lia Meireles*)

The old mirror
In what I've looked so much times
In what I've seen my many faces
It looks like never to change

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