Lindemberg Pereira da Silva

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Lindemberg Pereira da Silva Poems

1. 'A Man And The Newspaper.' 10/9/2009
2. 'Spring In Love' 10/9/2009
3. 'No More' 10/9/2009
4. 'We - A Forgotten Tale' 10/9/2009
5. 'We Were Supposed To Be Love' 10/9/2009
6. 'Lonely Lover On The Sea' 10/10/2009
7. 'All I'Ve Got For You Are More Than Dreams' 10/10/2009
8. 'The Way You Love Me' 10/10/2009
9. 'The Mirror' 10/8/2009
10. 'Let My Love To Flourish In Your Heart' 10/9/2009
11. 'Two Hearts Full Of Love' 10/10/2009
12. 'Wing's Love' 10/12/2009
13. 'The Stones In The Middle Of The Road' 10/28/2009
14. 'A Love Larger Than Life' 11/6/2009
15. 'In The Garden Of The Love' 11/9/2009
16. Together 11/12/2009
17. 'Behind The Scenes' 1/16/2010
18. 'In The Same Breath' 1/16/2010
19. 'The Watch' 1/26/2010
20. 'Like A Hurted Bird' 2/3/2010
21. 'In The Chains Of The Love' 2/7/2010
22. 'Fallen Leaves In The Winter' 2/11/2010
23. 'Strawberries And Kisses' 2/12/2010
24. 'In Love For You' 2/27/2010
25. 'The Sunrise' 3/4/2010
26. 'Someday' 3/15/2010
27. 'Wings Of The Imagination' 3/30/2010
28. 'Forever Kept In My Heart' 4/2/2010
29. 'Oasis' 4/7/2010
30. 'The Stormy' 4/16/2010
31. 'The World Cries In The Tears Of A Homeless Child' 4/26/2010
32. 'A Star In The Sky' 4/26/2010
33. 'Little Pieces Of The Two Of Us' 5/5/2010
34. 'Lost In Love Somewhere In A Lost Street' 5/16/2010
35. 'Christmas' 5/23/2010
36. 'Words Are Not Enough' 5/23/2010
37. 'You Need Someone To Love You' 12/17/2009
38. 'Little Bells In The Christmas' 12/20/2009
39. 'The Beach' 12/25/2009
40. 'The Rain Is Falling Outside' 12/31/2009
Best Poem of Lindemberg Pereira da Silva

'I Can See Myself Through Your Eyes'

No prizes for guessing
I can spot that a miles off.
It's clear in the look
which comes from your eyes -
I can myself through them
There's no way to hide.

Wherever you go
Whomever you think of
I will be always on your mind.
Whatever it takes
It doesn't matter -
Just let throw the light on our love.

Your unsteady steps walking toward me
How you lose the words
when everyone is around
It's not that hard to see.
I lose my feets on the ground
And my heart starts to beat desperately,
When you look at my eyes
And you find yourself ...

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'Suddenly Love Goes On'

At the morning,
A walk at the park,
Childrens, birds, dates all around
I feel your voice on the air,
A deeply sound from the bottom of your heart.
Tell will last forever
Tell me...we will never be apart.

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