Treasure Island

Lisa Marie Mottert

Poems of Lisa Marie Mottert

1. Captain of my Journey 1/10/2014
2. Cascade of Heart 1/11/2014
3. Dressed in Roses 1/13/2014
4. Fabric of the Heart 1/10/2014
5. Flowers in the Garden 1/10/2014
6. Summer Whispers 1/12/2014
7. The Coat 1/10/2014

The Coat

Covered me with elegant charm
Shielded from the winds of harm
You had my back, I put you away-
Hanger bending, garment disarrayed.

I ventured one day into the bright blue sky
Forever gone, you whispered a sigh-
Landing a new home in a dusty thrift store
Happily you'll live refreshed and worn.

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