Liz Gellur

Rookie (December 25 1997 / England)

Liz Gellur Poems

1. I'M Alone 12/15/2007
2. Broken Trust 12/15/2007
3. Anger 12/15/2007
4. Family 12/15/2007
5. Loneliness 12/14/2007
6. Friends 12/14/2007
7. Gotta Move On 12/18/2007
8. Never Want To Be Alone 12/18/2007
9. I Hate You 2/2/2008
10. Leave Me Alone 2/2/2008
11. Just Want Some Attention 3/17/2008
12. I'D Rather Be Alone 12/16/2007
13. Emotionless 12/15/2007
14. I Want It All To End 12/17/2007
15. I'M Always The One To Blame 1/26/2008
16. You Don'T Trust Me 4/27/2008
17. I Hate Them Just Like They Hate Me 12/28/2007
18. Misunderstood 12/16/2007
19. I Need Someone Who Understands 12/16/2007
20. Emptiness 12/16/2007
21. I Can'T Trust You Anymore 3/25/2008
22. I Need A Friend 12/17/2007
23. A True Friend 2/14/2008
24. I Hate My Life 5/16/2008
25. Broken Friendship 12/15/2007
Best Poem of Liz Gellur

Broken Friendship

One talk
Turned into shouting
We can't agree
On one thing

I wanted to repair it
But now I know
Theres no point of everything
Because our friendship is now very low

I wanted to know if our friendship really mattered
Then I saw you all walk into different direction
Then I saw our friendship
Suddenly shatter into zillions

All I wanted to do is to repair it
But now i know
None of you really want it

I guess our friendship
Can't really last forever
There's no such thing as
'It really matters'

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Being lonely feels very bad
It makes you feel very angry
And also very sad
Loneliness is something you don't want

It feels as if nobody cares
It's so dark
In your heart
Loneliness leaves a mark

You just hate being alone
You think nobody loves you
Watch out! You're in danger zone
It feels so cold being alone

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