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Louisa Lawson Poems

1. To A Bird 9/7/2012
2. All's Well 9/7/2012
3. Twilight 9/7/2012
4. The Poet's Page 9/7/2012
5. Divided 9/7/2012
6. A Grave 9/7/2012
7. Lines 9/7/2012
8. Dream 1 9/7/2012
9. Back Again 9/7/2012
10. The Hill Of Death 9/7/2012
11. A Dream 9/7/2012
12. A Wish 9/7/2012
13. A Friend In Need 9/7/2012
14. To A Libertine 9/7/2012
15. In Memoriam 9/7/2012
16. Woman's Love 9/7/2012
17. A Birthday Wish 9/7/2012
18. Mountain Flowers 9/7/2012
19. A Woman's Love 9/7/2012
20. Sunset 9/7/2012
21. Light In Darkness 9/7/2012
22. An Australian Song 9/7/2012
23. Coming Home 9/7/2012
24. A Reveire 9/7/2012
25. The Digger's Daughter 9/7/2012
Best Poem of Louisa Lawson

The Digger's Daughter

The waratah has stained her cheek,
Her lips are even brighter;
Like virgin quartz without a streak
Her teeth are, but far whiter.
Her eyes are large, and soft, and dark,
And clear as running water;
And straight as any stringy bark
Is Lil, the digger's daughter.

She'll wash a prospect quick and well,
And deftly use the ladle;
The weight of gold at sight she'll tell,
And work with tub and cradle.
She was her father's only mate,
And wound up wash and water;
She worked all day and studied late,
And all she knows he taught her.

She stood ...

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To A Bird

Bright little warbler of the air.
The world to thee I ween is fair,
And free thy life from shade of care,
So gaily dost thou sing.
While from thy happy throat are sent,
Those floods of song in ravishment,
Thou shamest me without intent,
Sad mourner that I be.
But birdie dear, didst thou but see

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