Lylo Benant

Lylo Benant Poems

1. A Rush Of Rain 2/16/2013
2. Pi 2/16/2013
3. Writen With A Pen 2/25/2013
4. I Miss You 2/25/2013
5. Souls And Raindrops 2/25/2013
6. The Greatest Artist 2/25/2013
7. Another Side 2/25/2013
8. My Best Friend 3/7/2013
9. I Love You Oh So Much 4/25/2013
10. I Love You So Much 4/25/2013
11. Summer Vacation 5/10/2013
12. I Love It When..... 11/25/2013
13. Grandpa 11/25/2013
14. Thank You Lord 11/25/2013
15. Years Go By 11/25/2013
16. Stop And Think 8/27/2014
17. The Poison Tree 2/25/2013
18. Cinderella 2/25/2013
19. Don'T Stand At My Grave And Weep 2/25/2013
20. I Miss My Best Friend 4/1/2013
21. When I Was Younger 2/25/2013
22. Reach For The Sky 3/7/2013
23. High School Memories 5/9/2013
24. I Am Who I Am 2/25/2013
25. Scooby Doo 4/26/2013
Best Poem of Lylo Benant

Scooby Doo

Scooby Doo!

Scooby Doo he is my hero
For it is very plain to see
Not afraid to show emotion
Can be brave, when needed to be
Always hungry, always eating
He would leap buildings for a treat
Can be loving, can be gentle
As a doggie, he is so sweet
When faced with fear, he starts to shiver
And backs off in retreat
But to protect those meddling teenagers
He would be impossible to defeat
So if you have, in your life, a Scooby
Please be patient, and be kind
For he is a special someone
And he is a friend of mine.

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There once was a number named Pi
Who frequently liked to get high
All he did everyday
Was sit in his room and play
With his imaginary friend named i

There once was a number named e
Who took way too much LSD
She thought she was great
But the fact we must debate
We know she wasn't greater than 3

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