Maddy Jen

Poems of Maddy Jen

1. Dear little Darling 3/3/2009
2. Grandfather 3/3/2009
3. Little Poppet 3/3/2009
4. Magik flowers 3/12/2009
5. Mom 3/3/2009
6. Swing High Swing Low 3/3/2009
7. The Blue eyed girl 3/3/2009
8. the blue feather 3/7/2009
9. the frog poem(duh duh duhhhhhhhhh) 3/12/2009

Swing High Swing Low

Swing high, swing low
You never know what will come
When you reach for sky
From the seat of the swing,
Swing high, swing low
What have you seen?
A clear sky?
A clouded world?
Or a still night with twinkling stars……..

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