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madison ann Poems

1. Speak 6/20/2012
2. Hero 6/20/2012
3. The Fallen 6/20/2012
4. Mirror 6/22/2012
5. Continue? 6/25/2012
6. Her Eyes 6/30/2012
7. Below 6/30/2012
8. Just Quit 6/30/2012
9. Wishes 7/2/2012
10. Veins 7/2/2012
11. Incapable 7/4/2012
12. Independence 7/12/2012
13. Red 9/19/2012
14. Should I Stay? 9/24/2012
15. Life Flashed By 11/7/2012
16. Normal Girl ≪/3 6/18/2012
17. Gone 6/20/2012
18. My Nightmare 6/18/2012
19. Girls 6/18/2012
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Happy girls, have smiles on their face
Athletic girls, they love to race
Sad girls, shed their tears
Frightened girls, hide their fears

Emo girls, hearts are bare
Adventurous girls, they fly through the air
Attractive girls, guys love to see
Self conscious girl, she cannot be
Troubled girl, has been through hell
Angel girl, has a story to tell

The skinny girl, she will not eat
The abused girl, she has been beat
The slutty girl, it was meant to
The bitchy girl, whats she been through?

The perfect girl that hides below
Isn't the...

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My Nightmare

I wake up from my dreams
But its nothing like it seems

My nightmare hasn't ended its only just begun
And theres nowhere to hide and theres nowhere to run

I run down the hall past the broken mirros
I keep on going right past my fears

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