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1. In The Village 8/25/2012
2. Mother And Daughter 8/25/2012
3. Stories 8/25/2012
4. Brother 8/26/2012
5. The Woman 8/26/2012
6. He Was Splashed 8/28/2012
7. The Baboons 8/27/2012
8. Grasshoppers 8/27/2012
9. The Enternet 8/28/2012
10. Once Up On A Time 8/29/2012
11. In The Library 8/29/2012
12. I Do Not Have A Brother To Hold 8/29/2012
13. I Reached My Sister ' S House 8/29/2012
14. The Man Afoot 8/29/2012
15. On The Land Where I Was Born 8/29/2012
16. The Maid 8/30/2012
17. You Can'T Blame Me Now 8/30/2012
18. Great Sea 9/6/2012
19. Alfred's Wife 9/11/2012
20. The Yellowish Birds 10/26/2012
21. She-Once-Was My Mother 8/28/2012
22. Sister In-Law 8/28/2012
23. Mother 8/25/2012
24. The Blue Man 8/26/2012
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The Blue Man

The day I met him,
Every thing became true
Like a morning dew-
With a perfect hue
He came stretching
His arms and reaching mine
But, all against us
For he was a blue man
But, despite their laughter,
I would reach after
Their lovely talks
With mocks
And chew them
With a bit of concern
Because a green man
was not within my heart
Ofcourse I couldn't care less
With a mess
For he came beaming on me,
Quenching my thirsty desire
Unlike Matiya
A shimmering one
Was all I starved for
And not columns of ...

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Mother And Daughter

Open your eyes widely
And do not be deceived
Gaze at the world and see
How it had grown wings
You can't close your eyes
And forget about the past
For it lasted six months,
...Six months abroad,
...Six months of a cold bed.

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