Treasure Island

Marilyn Hacker

Poems of Marilyn Hacker

1. Desesperanto 1/3/2003
2. Exiles 1/3/2003
3. For K. J., Leaving and Coming Back 1/3/2003
4. Invocation 1/3/2003
5. Iva's Pantoum 1/20/2003
6. Morning News 1/20/2003
7. Nearly A Valediction 1/3/2003
8. Paragraphs from a Day-Book 1/3/2003
9. Rune of the Finland Woman 1/3/2003
10. Scars on Paper 1/3/2003
11. The Boy 1/3/2003
12. Year's End 1/3/2003


Her brown falcon perches above the sink
as steaming water forks over my hands.
Below the wrists they shrivel and turn pink.
I am in exile in my own land.

Her half-grown cats scuffle across the floor
trailing a slime of blood from where they fed.
I lock the door. They claw under the door.
I am an exile in my own bed.

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