Mary Louise Mann Gabumpa

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Mary Louise Mann Gabumpa Poems

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32. Funny, But Not So Funny 11/15/2010
Best Poem of Mary Louise Mann Gabumpa

Funny, But Not So Funny

Funny am I
How at this point of my life
That I'll ever see such as these
That people find it humorous
Of which I don't, at least, not as much
To live a life of folly.

Funny is it
How this world evolve with things
Looking real when everyone knows
That it isn't all there is to it
Wanting 'em with their life at stake
Wishing like nothing in carelessness.

Funny, but not so funny
For people could think as such
Like no one will know of it;
For people could do as such
Like there is no a payback for it;
Funny, but not so funny.


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Grow In Grace

How were the days?
When once life was lay,
As happy and fair.

Waking up, smiling as always,
The sun with a royal crowned is-
Just splendid in many ways!

Happy as I go

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