Maryam Khan

Rookie (27 Dec / Germany)

Maryam Khan Poems

1. What's A Computer? ? ? ? ? ? 11/21/2008
2. You Told Me In A Dream You Always Loved Me 12/18/2008
3. Voices Of Nature 1/26/2009
4. Never Ending Pain 1/29/2009
5. Life's Choices 12/4/2008
6. Childhood Friends 12/22/2008
7. Exams! ! ! ! ! 12/21/2008
8. Difference 11/20/2008
9. Boyz 1/6/2009
10. Answers I Know Are There 12/15/2008
11. Try N Try 11/25/2008
12. True Poem 11/17/2008
13. The Space Program 11/19/2008
14. I'Ll Never Forget You! 12/10/2008
15. Teen Years 11/20/2008
16. Breakfast In Bed 11/22/2008
17. Being A Girl 12/12/2008
18. Looking For A Man 1/7/2009
19. Isn'T It Funny? 1/7/2009
20. Our Own Personal War 12/29/2008
21. This Is Me 1/6/2009
22. Stop It Now! ! 12/4/2008
23. I See Me 11/20/2008
24. Lost 11/19/2008
25. Being A Child! 12/26/2008
Best Poem of Maryam Khan

Being A Child!

Being a child,
with adventures everyday,
building high spirits,
making a new mind grow.

Mysteries peak holding small trinkets,
what to do,
how to play,
imagination goes wild with wonders!

It's when adults break childish habits,
the day they turn old,
the day maturity is placed before them,
to wipe play time and lay down the rules.

inside do children really change?
Can they truly jump to one age,
to the very next?

Adults know better then to change a child so quick,
don't let them ...

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In a terrible fog I once lost my way,
Where I had wandered I could not say,
I found a signpost just by a fence,
But I could not read it, the fog was so dense.
Slowly but surely, frightened to roam,
I climbed up the post for my nearest way home,
Striking a match I turned cold and faint,
These were the words on it, '' MIND THE WET PAINT''.

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