Treasure Island

Matthew Marti

Poems of Matthew Marti

1. Black Tears 12/25/2009
2. Christmas 12/25/2009
3. Cold heart 12/25/2009
4. Happiness 11/25/2009
5. Light is to Dark 11/24/2009
6. My Life 11/25/2009
7. Roses are Red, Violets are Blue 12/25/2009
8. Sadness 11/24/2009
9. Saved 11/24/2009
10. Thanksgiving 12/25/2009

Light is to Dark

The sun is bright as the light
The darkness is to the inevitable incarnation of darkness
The light shines up for the sky when its mourning
And when its dark, its for the evening, and nighttime
The lightness shall prevail the darkness, for the light will shine up
The light is to the light side as well as the darkness is to the dark side

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