Matthew Thomas Donovan

Matthew Thomas Donovan Poems

1. We Dream 2/18/2013
2. Regret 2/18/2013
3. Confession Of A Tired Artist 3/17/2013
4. A Bitter Frost 5/11/2013
5. The Faces In The Crowd 9/25/2013
6. Waiting For Deliverance 10/9/2013
7. Speaking Tongues 11/4/2013
8. The Train 12/23/2013
9. Ulysses 2/6/2014
10. Speak The Word 3/30/2014
11. It Is What It Is 4/28/2014
12. Desert Music 10/2/2014
13. The Sun Falls West 10/2/2014
14. Waiting For Deliverance, Act 2 10/3/2014
15. Moving Pictures 10/23/2014
16. Jewels Of The Poor 5/16/2013
17. Osprey Meadows 1/4/2014
18. Reading Water 4/8/2014
19. A Passing Thought In Calgary 3/30/2014
20. When I'M Dead 1/5/2014
21. We Live, And We Die 8/22/2013
22. Ebony Fiction 4/20/2014
23. My Promise, Unkept 8/17/2013
24. The Remarkable Man 5/11/2013
Best Poem of Matthew Thomas Donovan

The Remarkable Man

It always seemed so queer to me
That all man’s life is like a flea’s
That comes and falls to springly flowers
And ticks away upon all hours

Remarkable is not a word
That comes to mind to be unheard
When speaking of humanity
But I ask, “What of sanity? ”

Are we not things upon a rock?
Of transcendent reason that we mock
To be ended, and born, a flock
With seconds ticking on our clock

Yet I can’t help but humbly see
Man’s place in this eternity
Of hopes and wishes unfulfilled
But dreams for such grounds to be tilled

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My Promise, Unkept

Do you remember the fifth of November,
How it smiled and burnt out by noon?
How the children laughed as all midnight collapsed
On a perfect evening, too soon?
Or how cars and trains, struck quickly by rains,
Fell silent neath' light of the moon?
Perhaps nothing's so clear in your memory, my dear,
As the kiss I shared happily with you.
And if nothing's remembered the fifth of November,

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