Treasure Island

meghan foubare

Poems of meghan foubare

1. Beauty 3/5/2009
2. brush strokes 4/2/2009
3. Colors of the Wind 3/11/2009
4. Growing up with an Italian Family 3/20/2009
5. Heres to night we where...... 6/8/2009
6. I give you this ring! 3/1/2009
7. Meet me in the Ocean 3/4/2009
8. One simple moment 3/18/2009
9. rain drops 4/7/2009
10. The Cleaning of Rain 6/9/2009
11. The Love We Share 2/14/2010
12. The Secret Life of Bees 3/2/2009
13. the weeping willow tree 2/27/2009
14. to whom that i shall love forever 2/26/2009
15. To: Sydni 6/8/2009
16. What my life has become! 6/8/2009
17. When We Dance in the Moonlight 3/5/2009

Meet me in the Ocean

The water is calm.....
You know a strom is coming in a little bit.
You are thinking might as well get a swim in real quick!
As your swimming...... You look down the water is clear enough to see a school of fish!
With in minutes the water gets foggy a storm is rolling in quicker than expected!
As your walking in you feel a hook on your ankle.......
you cant see so you reach down......
Its a hand, this man scaries the living day lights out of you....
He comes up and says 'Hi'.

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