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1. To Whom That I Shall Love Forever 2/26/2009
2. The Weeping Willow Tree 2/27/2009
3. I Give You This Ring! 3/1/2009
4. Meet Me In The Ocean 3/4/2009
5. When We Dance In The Moonlight 3/5/2009
6. Beauty 3/5/2009
7. One Simple Moment 3/18/2009
8. Brush Strokes 4/2/2009
9. Rain Drops 4/7/2009
10. What My Life Has Become! 6/8/2009
11. To: Sydni 6/8/2009
12. The Cleaning Of Rain 6/9/2009
13. The Love We Share 2/14/2010
14. Heres To Night We Where...... 6/8/2009
15. Colors Of The Wind 3/11/2009
16. The Secret Life Of Bees 3/2/2009
17. Growing Up With An Italian Family 3/20/2009
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Growing Up With An Italian Family

Italian families,
Make you laugh,
Make you mad.
A lot of times get you to eventually cry!
One thing that you never leave with out is a kiss, hug, and a take home container from dinner!
The family can be extremly loud!
Not always wanting to bring the date to meet mom and dad!
Never know what will pop up!

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The Secret Life Of Bees

The life of bees as we know it is just buzzing around making honey,
but really thats not the case at all.
Bees have their own little world of nothing we ever are familar with.
As Queen Latifah says' Every Little Thing wants to be Loved'!
Is definetly a true statment in all minds that think alike, in other words most bees.

-meghan elaine

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