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I Am A Filipino

Melvin Banggollay

I am a Filipino, in blood and spirit
born from immortal seeds of heroes
Whose heart were willing to commit
their lives to fight any kind of foes
even those that has the power to spit
the nation of my birth with volcanoes
of fire and balls of cannon that can split
thy land unto tiny dusts to unseen echoes.

I am a Filipino, proud of my humble roots
of a gentle loving and valiant Malayan spirit
land been conquered but never surrendered
the culture of its birth and ancestor's merit
of great love for country...

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Diosa Ti Kinagulid

Diosa ti Kinagulid
melvin banggollay

Anian nga kinapintas ti adda kenkuana
Ta uray ka la tumalyaw amin a mangkita
No lumabas suna a mapan jay eskwela
Kas maysa nga mangisur-suro a makuna
nga agalon-alon ti ikkut nga kinaseksi na

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