Meng Haoran

Meng Haoran Poems

1. Seeing Off Du Shisi South Of The River 8/13/2012
2. Thoughts In Early Winter 8/13/2012
3. To Buddhist Priest Yuan From Chang'An 8/13/2012
4. To My Old Friend In Yangzhou From A Boat Moored At Night On The Tonglu River 8/13/2012
5. To Zhang, Climbing Orchid Mountain On An Autumn Day 8/13/2012
6. Evening. Anchoring At Hsuan-Yang To See Mount Lu 8/13/2012
7. At The Mountain-Lodge Of The Buddhist Priest Ye Waiting In Vain For My Friend Ding 8/13/2012
8. Returning At Night To Lumen Mountain 8/13/2012
9. At A Banquet In The House Of The Taoist Priest Mei 8/13/2012
10. On Returning At The Year's End To Zhongnan Mountain 8/13/2012
11. From Qin Country To The Buddhist Priest Yuan 8/13/2012
12. From A Mooring On The Tonglu To A Friend In Yangzhou 8/13/2012
13. Memories In Early Winter 8/13/2012
14. A Night-Mooring On The Jiande River 8/13/2012
15. A Message From Lake Dongtin To Premier Zhang 8/13/2012
16. On Climbing Yan Mountain With Friends 8/13/2012
17. Parting From Wang Wei 8/13/2012
18. Thinking Of Xin In South Pavilion On A Summer's Day 8/13/2012
19. Spending The Night On Jiande River 8/13/2012
20. Visiting An Old Friend On His Farm 8/13/2012
21. In Summer At The South Pavilion Thinking Of Xing 8/13/2012
22. Asleep In The Spring 8/13/2012
23. Taking Leave Of Wang Wei 8/13/2012
24. Waiting For Ding 8/13/2012
25. Spring Dawn 8/13/2012
26. On Climbing Orchid Mountain In The Autumn To Zhang 8/13/2012
27. Stopping At A Friend's Farm-House 8/13/2012
28. A Spring Morning 8/13/2012
Best Poem of Meng Haoran

A Spring Morning

I awake light-hearted this morning of spring,
Everywhere round me the singing of birds
But now I remember the night, the storm,
And I wonder how many blossoms were broken.

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Asleep In The Spring

Asleep in spring I did not heed the dawn
Till the birds broke out singing everywhere.
Last night, in the clamour of wind and rain, How many flowers have fallen
do you suppose?

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