moemedi lynx magoro

Poems of moemedi lynx magoro

1. A Man Cannot Live With Only Food And Water 7/4/2014
2. Agony 7/4/2014
3. As I Stitched The Broken Skyline 7/4/2014
4. Broken heart 9/21/2013
5. Change 9/21/2013
6. Gravity is gratifying 7/4/2014
7. I AM 9/22/2013
8. I Cant Believe Im Saying This 7/4/2014
9. Influence 7/4/2014
10. Its the end whereI begin 5/25/2013
11. I've Seen It 7/4/2014
12. Just Like Her 7/4/2014
13. On the real 7/4/2014
14. One way or the other 7/4/2014
15. Power To The Female 7/4/2014
16. Story Of My Father 7/4/2014
17. The Bassline In 7/4/2014
18. The cycle of life is a cycle none the less 5/25/2013
19. The Inner Thoughts Of... 7/4/2014
20. The man in the box 5/25/2013


White.. white is pure and serene, freeing from the comwebs of the mind,
White is calm from the inside you float on the cloud of pureness.
But white is also deceiving, confusing the minds core into a infinite mold of creation,
It spins the world through a peaceful gesture and symbolizes cleanness,
Its the colour of my soul and is the opposite of the colour of coal,
White blinds the eyes and has no room for lies,
Once written on it it forever remains.
It unlocks the world into dimens

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