Naomi Burdett

Rookie (03/09/1991 / Basildon)

Naomi Burdett Poems

1. No Matter What 5/24/2005
2. Come Back 5/25/2005
3. Banjo Player 5/28/2005
4. My Death 6/18/2005
5. As 1 6/18/2005
6. Dont Cry 5/4/2005
7. Useless 2/3/2006
8. Sadness 5/18/2005
9. Whos 5/28/2005
10. Happiness 5/6/2005
11. Troubled Eyes 5/23/2005
12. Love Thats Gone 5/4/2005
13. Falling 5/4/2005
14. My Little Light 5/4/2005
15. Shadow 5/4/2005
16. Sunrise Of Memories (Written For My Nan) 5/4/2005
17. You 5/4/2005
18. Ill Still Miss You 5/4/2005
19. Togetherness 5/11/2005
20. Lost In Myself 5/4/2005
21. On That Island 9/12/2005
22. What Is Emotion 5/17/2005
23. Heartbreak 5/4/2005
24. Love Is 5/23/2005
25. Friendship 5/17/2005
26. Its Only Me 5/4/2005
27. Mirror 5/4/2005
28. Ode To Happiness 5/10/2005
Best Poem of Naomi Burdett

Ode To Happiness

an ode to happiness

happiness is one of the many emotions
maybe the greatest off all
it can make you feel all jumpy inside
a first kiss, first love
its all to do with happiness.
but yet happiness never gets thanked
for every thing it has done for us
so im saying thank you for bringing me steven, amy, fayeness, india and everyone else
that means something to me
thank you happiness

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Banjo Player

If you have a banjo you can sit and pluck all day
when all your friends go past you can jump up and say
'hey look at me i can play the banjo better than before'
and then you can sit and happily pluck away some more

Playing someones music with a big grin on your face
Playing in the living room, all around the place
in the garden too
when you have a banjo you can hardly be feeling blue

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