Nim Lee

Nim Lee Poems

1. Alone In Eden 11/30/2010
2. Dancing On Water 12/2/2010
3. I Want To Cry 12/2/2010
4. It Is Not Fair 12/2/2010
5. Now, And Then 12/2/2010
6. The Birds 12/2/2010
7. The Red Flowers 12/2/2010
8. The Sea 12/2/2010
9. Time Again 12/2/2010
10. As It Should Be 12/2/2010
11. I Can Talk 12/2/2010
12. Lament 12/2/2010
13. Silver 12/2/2010
14. The Bulls 12/2/2010
15. Element 12/2/2010
16. Volcano: Earth And Fire 12/2/2010
17. To Watermama 12/2/2010
18. Aleacia Globe-Warner 12/2/2010
19. Ndyukerman 12/2/2010
20. Mackaima 12/2/2010
21. The Happy Man In The Chinese Restaurant: Part 2 You Need Money For Love 12/2/2010
22. The Happy Man In The Chinese Restaurant: Part 3 The Spider Smiled 12/2/2010
23. Early Morning Journey 12/2/2010
24. That's Alright 12/2/2010
25. Death Came Knocking 12/2/2010
26. The Happy Man In The Chinese Restaurant: Part 1 No Bills To Pay 12/2/2010
27. Dog Eat Dog 12/2/2010
28. Sky: Air And Water 12/2/2010
Best Poem of Nim Lee

Sky: Air And Water

The wide blue yonder
above our head
seen but never reached
a pattern of air and water
the impossible dream
a trigger of imagination
the reach we can never grasp.
Is this a heaven?
Nothing lives there but our longings, our hopes
it’s a cold place
where each of us goes alone,
limitless, apparently,
unsubstantial, indeterminate.

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Now, And Then

My mind is completely blank;
Empty: yet somewhere deep inside
A ghost stumbles throught the cold white corridors,
A dark grey ghost, silently weeping, transluscent tears dropping.
A ghost which was once a green girl
Who stepped out of a shadowy copse
With a dripping knife in her hand
While the heavy leaves dripped slowly, darkly.
What had she left inside, bleeding, dying?

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