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1. Archaic Death 6/13/2013
2. Broken Wings 6/13/2013
3. Broken Lullaby 6/14/2013
4. Dying, Lying, Dead 6/14/2013
5. Elih 6/14/2013
6. Love Spear 6/19/2013
7. Oblivious Infliction 7/4/2013
8. Colour 7/18/2013
9. My Brand New Picasso 8/14/2013
10. Fantasy 9/10/2013
11. Crumbling 9/10/2013
12. Soul 10/16/2013
13. Dead Lake 10/23/2013
14. Fragile 10/23/2013
15. I Wish 10/23/2014
16. Archaic Smile 6/13/2013
17. It Means Nothing 8/22/2013
18. Shattered Angel - Sonnet 24 6/13/2013
19. A Silent Suffering 6/13/2013
20. Guessing Game 8/14/2013
21. Angels Weep 6/13/2013
22. Humanity Is Inhumane 6/14/2013
23. Broken Thoughts 8/13/2013
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Broken Thoughts

Your face brings about an automated smile to mine
Yet you don't notice
Don't see
Don't know

That I exist
That I love you
That I care

You do this not intentionally
But in oblivion

I shudder to think what you might say
How you might react
What you might think

If I ever told you
If I told you
That you're the newest, shiniest secret of my heart

The fear paralyzes me
And what strengthens me is the painfully devastating
Outrageously beautiful
Extraordinary love I have for you

I die a little inside when I think of you ...

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Archaic Smile

'Her wings still beat
As the wind sweeps her drapery...'

Little Angel
When will thy wings heal
Will they ever
Or shall it stay eternally broken
How much longer can you stifle your cry
You know it can never be

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