1. A Diary Full Of Dreams 2/15/2012
2. A New Morning 1/15/2012
3. Beauty Of My Mother 9/1/2012
4. Bro 2/13/2012
5. Broken Friendship 6/25/2014
6. Butterfly Fly Away 2/20/2012
7. Dawn Sun 12/31/2011
8. Dont Observe The Street 1/8/2012
9. End Of The World 2/25/2013
10. False Friends 2/12/2012
11. Fireflies Glow 2/20/2012
12. Forever Friend 4/27/2012
13. Friendship Day 11/3/2012
14. If It Was Real! 6/16/2014
15. Just A Girl 4/25/2012
16. Kind Deeds 2/24/2012
17. Leisure 2/14/2013
18. Life 1/21/2012
19. Mom 4/25/2012
20. My Hurt Side 2/7/2012
21. My Poems 1/26/2012
22. My Teacher 9/7/2013
23. Nature 2/25/2012
24. Not Afraid 11/21/2012
25. Not Having Friends 1/1/2012
26. Rain 8/6/2012
27. Sun 1/11/2012
28. The Flower I Know 11/3/2012
29. Trying Hard 2/16/2012
30. Two Worlds 5/29/2014
31. Why 4/25/2012
32. You Can'T Hide 5/4/2014
33. You Can'T Hurt Me 3/6/2013
Best Poem of NITYA MORE

Forever Friend

You are my worst friend
You are my best friend
You are my naughty friend
You are my innocent friend

You are my song friend
You are my wrong friend
You are my right friend
You are my bright friend

I love to see you
I wish to see you soon
For me you are no less than a boon

You are my beautiful friend
You are my dutiful friend
You are my just friend
You are my first friend

Nobody is better than you
To love you is what I always do
you are a friend
Whose friendship has no end.

You are my friend-
forever best ...

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Not Having Friends

WHY don't I have friends
when everybody has some trends
The worst have them
The best have them
then why not me
there may something special be
Why not ME?
Why not ME?
I would have them besides
when I had any fights
But unfortunately not
in my mind there is a thought
Why not ME?
Why not ME?

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