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noctiluca scintillans Poems

1. Oh! I Wish Not 7/24/2013
2. 'Someone'! ! You Are The One 7/27/2013
3. The One Days 7/31/2013
4. You, I Incomparable 8/6/2013
5. Days, After You Left 8/10/2013
6. Genuinely Fake 8/14/2013
7. A Grab For Lifetime 8/14/2013
8. Unheard Of? 8/18/2013
9. Quest Of Justice On 8/18/2013
10. I Haven'T Changed Mama, I Swear 8/18/2013
11. Up For Next Tide 8/20/2013
12. A Small Dark Dot In Plain White Sheet Seeks Salvation 8/22/2013
13. My Doggy! ! 8/30/2013
14. I Can See Him 9/26/2013
15. When I Got Your Back 11/9/2013
16. Got No Byes Left For You 3/25/2014
17. Better With Love 3/25/2014
18. It Will Be Tomorrow Soon 3/31/2014
19. Swaying Together With Nature 4/1/2014
20. Who Am I? 4/24/2014
21. Standing Against Storing Love 4/24/2014
22. Hitting The Walls, No More 4/28/2014
23. Should Normal Not Be Told? 6/22/2014
24. Sad, She Is Happy 7/1/2014
25. Just The Love, But Fear 7/5/2014
26. The Minute I Might Lose You Forever 7/18/2014
27. Why I Am Taken As Toy 7/28/2014
28. A Porter 8/17/2014
29. Waiting To Come To Life 8/26/2014
30. A Day Of A Working Man 7/28/2015
31. I Love And I Love You More Than You Do 7/28/2015
32. If I Myself 8/25/2015
33. If I Am Not Into It 8/25/2015
34. No Love From My Love 8/31/2015
35. 'Clouds And Stars' 9/20/2015
36. Holding By Letting Go 1/2/2016
37. Broken Up Love 1/7/2016
38. Overlooking Life 1/12/2016
39. Riding Life 1/13/2016
40. Refusing Drinking Poison Of My Life 1/13/2016
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Fear Of Failing

it comes violently
attacks me
& I fall down
the Fear
it always shakes my heart real bad
mind, in trial to pacify it,
my jobs get shattered irreparably
have been going through it till now
& now i should fight with it& b like d people who i see r very confident
but to fight with self
it’s harder than to do with others
I really aspire to not fear when i need to play things
Tactfully, mindfully& with wholeheartedly
not to stay mingling upon d heart

there is every chance of slipping in every move we make
& the fear
just comes along with each one...

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You Are My Tears

I don't want to let you go
cause I want you to be with me

If you are sure to rise high being away from me
I would never intrude you going

But you are sure to fall
and its natural
and i know

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