Treasure Island

noctiluca scintillans


Poems of noctiluca scintillans

1. A Grab for Lifetime 8/14/2013
2. A Porter 8/17/2014
3. A small Dark Dot in Plain White Sheet Seeks SALVATION 8/22/2013
4. Be defending Champions 7/25/2013
5. Better With Love 3/25/2014
6. Commoner To Love 7/29/2013
7. Days, after you Left 8/10/2013
8. Fear of Failing 8/4/2013
9. For now, see ya 4/4/2014
10. Genuinely Fake 8/14/2013
11. Gifts Ain't Free 4/8/2014
12. Got No Byes Left For You 3/25/2014
13. Happy couple of 50s 7/24/2013
14. Hitting the walls, no more 4/28/2014
15. I can see HIM 9/26/2013
16. I Haven't Changed MAMA, I Swear 8/18/2013
17. It will be tomorrow soon 3/31/2014
18. Just the love, but fear 7/5/2014
19. My doggy! ! 8/30/2013
20. Oh! I Wish Not 7/24/2013

Why I am taken as toy

I am not a toy.
I am a human.
I can think on my own.
God has given me ability to do things after thinking by myself.
M definitely not a toy.
U aren't allowed to talk to me,
If u think i am a toy.
I am not going to fly without feathers when u flatter me.
I am not here to hear about the one day beauty.

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