Nur'ayn (new reign)

Rookie - 5 Points (29th January,1990 / Lagos, Nigeria)

Nur'ayn (new reign) Poems

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26. Truth That Cuts (Haiku) 8/30/2012
27. Angel Of... (Haiku) 8/25/2011
28. Without You (Is A Dream Coming True) 4/4/2012
29. On My Way Home 10/1/2012
Best Poem of Nur'ayn (new reign)

On My Way Home

I was there, trying to find my way home,
Through the grasses, thorns and sticky loam
That had replaced the narrow footpath,
That once led man from this to that.

I stopped a few number of times,
To fetch my pen and write down a few rhymes
About my fellow men with whom I travelled,
And how the road we took was never levelled.

At times I had to fight one or two giant wolves,
And was good as dead after killing them both.
Then I ran out of water, fuel and even loaves,
And had to beg from the very people I loathe.

The road leading home is like a ...

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My ears are hot from the gush of voices
And I wish my soul can be lost for minutes
Lost as my eyes would shut their openings
And then I'll submit myself to the darkness waiting.

My mind is blocked at the cost of my reasoning
Overflown with thoughts of my world that's spinning
So dark and cold and no one is watching
But the silence I feel is louder than a rock guitarist.

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