Treasure Island

Orlando Belo

(Derby, England)

Poems of Orlando Belo

1. ‘I DO’ 12/12/2010
2. ‘I Don't Know Where To Go' 8/17/2014
3. ‘Oscar’ The Man of Metal 9/17/2010
4. ‘Petra’ 10/26/2010
5. ‘THE OAK’ 8/20/2010
6. A Beast’s About to Stir 7/18/2011
7. A Bedtime Story 11/14/2010
8. A Child Of The Streets 11/27/2010
9. A Courtesy Cough 4/29/2011
10. A Cut Above The Rest 1/3/2011
11. A Dagger Called Betrayal 1/8/2012
12. A Dark Angel 8/17/2010
13. A Fishy Tale 4/3/2011
14. A Flash Frog 1/19/2011
15. A Friend For Life 5/22/2011
16. A Funny Tummy 9/5/2013
17. A Haystack Called Happiness 12/4/2012
18. A Heart of Stone 1/19/2011
19. A High Seas Drifter 1/20/2012
20. A Highway To Nowhere 6/6/2011

A Tale of Feud

I arrived one night when the new moon was bright
whilst the others were howling at the moon.
I was the last of the ten to arrive there and then,
and without doubt we made it not a moment to soon.

We were being hunted down and they were all around;
those hideous creatures, so different to us.
We were hated and despised for being different, and alive,
and we needed to move quickly without fuss.

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