Owain Glyn

Owain Glyn Poems

1. My Discovery 11/19/2012
2. Ghosts 11/26/2012
3. The Magic Forest. (Part Two, Stu's Tale) 12/3/2012
4. My Journey 12/6/2012
5. I'M Not Frightened (Really) Part Two Dad's Tale 1/17/2013
6. I'M Not Frightened (Really) Part Three Mum's Tale 1/17/2013
7. I'M Not Frightened (Really) Part Four, A Brother's Tale 1/19/2013
8. The Temperance Club 1/16/2013
9. Recovery 1/21/2013
10. Tamara 1/23/2013
11. A Call To Arms (Dedicated To Sunprincess) 1/26/2013
12. I'M Not Frightened (Really) Part Five A Sister's Tale 1/27/2013
13. I'M Not Frightened (Really) Part Six Aunties Tale 1/30/2013
14. I'M Not Human, Anymore. 2/25/2013
15. Trust (Dedicated To Lynne Fyncher Spring Garden) 3/9/2013
16. The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse 3 Famine 4/17/2013
17. Where Are You Now 5/27/2013
18. Understanding 5/27/2013
19. Halfway House (Dedicated To Lynne Fincherspringgarden) 5/26/2013
20. The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse 1 Pestilence 4/14/2013
21. The Seeker 11/21/2012
22. The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse 2 War 4/15/2013
23. I'Ve Got My Life Back, Or Have I? ? 5/12/2013
24. Whumplethump Goes Missing (Conclusion) 3/2/2013
25. Whumplethump Goes Missing (Part Two) 2/28/2013
26. Whumplethump Goes Missing (Part Three) 3/2/2013
27. Constant Inconstancy 2/10/2013
28. Now The (Christmas) Party's Over 1/9/2013
29. The Revolution 12/8/2012
30. Our Sovereign (The Queen's Jubilee) 12/19/2012
31. In Rest 12/3/2012
32. Milestones (For My Son, Ross On His Thirtieth Birthday) 11/29/2012
33. Thoughts 11/19/2012
34. Never Go Back 11/20/2012
35. The Price To Pay 11/20/2012
36. The Morning After 11/21/2012
37. My Every Need 5/25/2013
38. My Hairdresser 1/24/2013
39. No Resurrection 1/7/2013
40. I'M Not Frightened (Really) Part Six Marie Fights Back. 2/3/2013
Best Poem of Owain Glyn

Men In Grey Suits

There are men in grey suits who infest sand built towers,
Where they sit and they spit out their venom for hours,
Making judgments and plans which they say we must follow,
Leaving them to get fat in the shit that they wallow.

The Bishops and Priests and their dumb acolytes,
Spew out sermons and edicts and meaningless rites,
Whilst abusing the young that are left in their care,
They preach God's holy goodness in which we can share.

There are Judges, who sit, every day, upon high,
Peering down on the wicked they're placed there to try,
With their ...

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Christmas Cheer

Every year it comes around, this season of goodwill,
When visitors we truly loathe, come round and drink their fill.
Relatives we haven't seen, since nineteen fifty four,
Discover where we're living, and come knocking at the door.

We end up going shopping, spending cash we haven't got,
Filling up the Credit Cards, as if we've lost the plot.
We buy for all and sundry, and then we buy some more,
As if we've quite forgotten, that it all needs paying for.

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