Pablo Loves Life

Rookie (South Africa)

Pablo Loves Life Poems

1. Love And A Star Crossing 12/19/2007
2. You Bound Me With Love 1/16/2008
3. I Saw You 1/17/2008
4. Love So Strong 1/18/2008
5. Words Tell You I Love You 1/21/2008
6. Your Name A Love Language 1/22/2008
7. I Know I Love Her 1/30/2008
8. Laatnag 3/21/2008
9. Sondagmiddag 'Blues' 3/21/2008
10. My Digtersvrou 3/21/2008
11. Jou Naam 3/21/2008
12. Jong Moeder In Gevangenis 3/21/2008
13. Leeg 3/21/2008
14. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 4/5/2008
15. Nothing Could Hide My Love 3/5/2008
16. Nine Months 3/5/2008
17. Not Like Tomorrow 5/22/2008
18. The Day I Fell In Love 6/9/2008
19. Dertien 6/26/2008
20. Hierdie Moord Klou Aan My Siel 7/24/2008
21. Watching You 4/13/2008
22. .sunflower Child 3/21/2008
23. Vissie Op Die Strand 3/21/2008
24. You'Re Not With Me 12/20/2007
25. I Never Heard 12/29/2007
26. You Hold My Heart 1/31/2008
27. In Bold: I Love You 4/20/2008
28. My Love In A Mirror 5/7/2008
29. …and I Love You’s 2/4/2008
30. .love At 4am 1/18/2008
31. Our Love Burns In Me 1/14/2008
32. .she Knows Me 2/15/2008
33. A Thousand Kisses 4/5/2008
34. 'N Lint Vir Jou, My Lief 5/7/2008
35. .searching London 12/10/2007
36. Just Tell Me 12/19/2007
37. A Lovesong On The Phone 12/10/2007
38. Kiss Me My Baby 1/6/2008
39. I'M In Love With You 1/21/2008
40. Love You With All My Heart 12/19/2007
Best Poem of Pablo Loves Life

.this Woman

There is this woman made for me
this woman craves for me
I love this woman so true
and I know that she loves me too

There is this woman who kisses me
this woman pleases me
I take this woman to be my wife
and I know she wants me for life

There is this woman who dreams about me
This woman makes love to me
When I lay against this woman to sleep
I feel a love towards her so deep

There is this woman who loves me
This woman was made for me
I desire her in every possible way
This woman is my night and day

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.searching London

I was walking in London
searching for you
finding a little bit of you
here and there,
but nowhere
were you to be found
it was only a little bit of you
here and there…
but nowhere were you

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