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Yesterday is Now Today By Now!

Yesterday is now today!
Yesterdays' today is in the past.
Yesterdays past is today's past,
but yesterdays' tomorrow is today's' past, and its' future.

Tomorrow's' past is today's' future,
and tomorrow is today by now.
Tomorrow doesn't know yesterday,
but tomorrow's yesterday knows the future and the past.

Today is the future and the past.
Today's' future is now the past.
Today's' past is in the future,
but today's' future is tomorrow's past and future.

The futures past can be today.
The future is tomorrow and today.
The futures future ...

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Buried Far Deeper

Buried far deeper than what appears to be an endless wave
The stomach of love gurgles ever more
Especially, when we recognize the call of love

Oh! You know or should I say, wish to know
more about that strange gift that pulls us near
I Shutter whenever the telephone rings!

In a perfect world we’re never alone

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