Paul Mwenelupembe

Paul Mwenelupembe Poems

1. From Motherland 11/4/2012
2. Forcing The Window To Flow 11/6/2012
3. My Day 11/7/2012
4. Lulomo Peninsula 11/7/2012
5. Mama Africa 11/7/2012
6. Blissful Democracy 11/8/2012
7. Ngara Fishing Ground 11/8/2012
8. Ode Of Mother Mphizi 11/9/2012
9. Hate 11/10/2012
10. Summit Of Drying Breath 11/10/2012
11. In The Dying Moments 11/11/2012
12. Our Chikangawa Forest 11/11/2012
13. So Deep 11/12/2012
14. From Lifeless To Crisp 11/16/2012
15. Slippery Road 11/17/2012
16. Beauty In The Woman 11/17/2012
17. In Morning Breeze 11/18/2012
18. Darling 11/18/2012
19. Natural Mirror 11/18/2012
20. My Head 11/19/2012
21. Nyagondwe The Grandma 11/19/2012
22. It Shall Come To Pass 11/20/2012
23. A Crier At Hora 11/20/2012
24. I Need My Stuff Back 11/21/2012
25. Invest In Eternal Account 11/21/2012
26. White Lonely Bird 11/22/2012
27. Double Eyeing 11/11/2012
28. Rhythm Of The Day 11/12/2012
29. When The World Vanishes 11/13/2012
30. Mulanje Mountain 11/13/2012
31. At Baobab Stop Over 11/22/2012
32. And I Sing This 11/22/2012
33. Pass On Calls 11/23/2012
34. Shinning Dreamer 11/23/2012
35. Sonnet Of Green Nchalo 11/14/2012
36. So Did My Heart 11/24/2012
37. A Glorious Focal Point 11/25/2012
38. Triumpant Lamb 12/25/2012
39. Falling Into Lips 12/27/2012
40. Turn From A Desert To Watered Garden 12/30/2012
Best Poem of Paul Mwenelupembe

Love Comes Softly

Rains are to sow and good times to love
Built on soils rich of grave land
Such a valley long way to go, it comes softly
From that dead land, a place of living
To a loving land limits by the spring

So hard to shoot the routing star
A seed of peace into roots and leaves
Comes slowly in the stream sand
In the rivulets valleys, slops of God
Going deep in loam soiled hand
Down the rivers slowly it comes

The invisible altar is meant for pottery
As God provides the step of ridged love
Falling from the sky of love
So love comes softly

If gentle ...

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From Motherland

From motherland, lands a spring of rivers
That gushes out radio waves ontop
And descends down stream with cool water
That feeds our motherland
Look at her meanders, she sneaks into the green land
And sniffes Canaan of today
The head of all lands in her and stands firm in deep sea as a rock
She is an eagle but alioness
That roars on the feet of Mount Zion

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