Paul Mwenelupembe

Paul Mwenelupembe Poems

81. Pillars We See 11/16/2013
82. Power In The Pen 12/4/2012
83. Respect To Wadu 12/16/2012
84. Rhythm Of The Day 11/12/2012
85. Rolling On Meanders 11/22/2012
86. Rose Tree 3/14/2013
87. Rules Of Chasing Baboons 11/9/2012
88. Search Mind 8/6/2013
89. Shinning Dreamer 11/23/2012
90. Slippery Road 11/17/2012
91. So Deep 11/12/2012
92. So Did My Heart 11/24/2012
93. Sonnet Of Green Nchalo 11/14/2012
94. Summit Of Drying Breath 11/10/2012
95. Swallow Pool 2/7/2013
96. Sweet Mango Tree 4/11/2013
97. Tangerine, A Sonorant Coercer 4/30/2013
98. The Best Gift To Give 1/27/2013
99. The Blessed Land 8/6/2013
100. The Day I Went To Forgone 4/10/2014
101. The Desperate Woman 11/7/2012
102. The Little Things We Say 7/9/2013
103. The One In Glasses 5/15/2013
104. To End In A Slur 1/12/2013
105. To My Darling 3/26/2013
106. To My Lord I Breathe 5/22/2013
107. Triumpant Lamb 12/25/2012
108. Turn From A Desert To Watered Garden 12/30/2012
109. Turn Of Screws 1/31/2013
110. When I Am Closer 4/26/2013
111. When The World Vanishes 11/13/2012
112. White Lonely Bird 11/22/2012
113. Women, Language Of Women 3/1/2013
114. Word Love 5/31/2013
115. Would You Mind 5/7/2013
Best Poem of Paul Mwenelupembe

I Am The Street Kid

I am the street kid
Here in the street is my home
It was just a slosh not by chance
I had a star shade before
Where I could rest on, my bed

But this went inside a snatch
Yes, this AIDS king of the world
I don't know its works so far
But what I know is
It slaughtered my shade

Now here I am, the neglected
Even my lineage has refused me
And took away all the city
That was served for the family
And left the outcast here alone

So here I am in wasteland
The ran away from heavy rains
Slided away on the same route by foot
And found a ...

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My Day

Soon my day has gone
With my moon I went over it
spining around the sun
of the day
Mmmh....I loved my date

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