Treasure Island

Paula TH

(In May, in the late 60's Flower baby.)

Poems of Paula TH

1. All that I need 1/15/2012
2. Anti Social 1/14/2012
3. Before I Was Made 2/7/2012
4. Better now that you are still there and I am here 2/7/2013
5. Black Cloud Of Pain 1/16/2012
6. Bright were the days so don't give up 1/15/2012
7. Causes of immediate reaction 1/15/2012
8. Comedian Love 1/23/2012
9. Friend leave 1/16/2012
10. Hello warm, goodbye cold 1/15/2012
11. Hurt the Shooting Star 2/2/2012
12. I Would Do Anything For You 2/7/2013
13. In The Country 2/8/2013
14. Judgement day she will be there 1/15/2012
15. Just Now 1/13/2012
16. Lost poetry forever 3/30/2013
17. Loyal 1/15/2012
18. Pay your dues 1/15/2012
19. Puppet People 1/23/2012
20. Shooting Star can be happy too 2/2/2012

War Just Outside My Door

A man or a woman only end up who they end up to be.
I was given at birth how to treat others with courtesy.
Some people do things that you thought would never happen.
Then you are left standing there thinking of your actions.
Should you let it slide, what you have seen?
If you speak up against them, they will wipe away that gleam.
Dirty people lurk around corners wanting you to be like them.
I can't, I can't be like you, you and your fake plastic attitude.
Why couldn't you just leave me

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