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Fighter - Poem by fred sweetguy

I look in her eyes as the blueness in them holds so steady, just holding up the flow from the pain she has inside. As I see a tear emerge I gently bring my thumb to her cheek to stop the sad river flow, after all the feelings she got so true and sad and told with every drop from her eyes. Her eyes always so true, so beautiful as it's a straight reflection of her beautiful soul, her eyes filled with so much beauty inside more then she will ever know. In pain they show so sad for me to know, its breaking my heart as she's hiding it all. Such beauty on the outside but so different on the inside, all I want is it to heal her soul so her eyes shine with a river flow of joy.

I look at her soft sweet lips as they barley make a grin so amazed I am that I'm seeing shooting starts, just sparkling away like never seen in life, such a wonderful sight but wait what's inside? The biting on her lips to hide the true sad face, such a tropical storm filled with darkness of clouds. I want to be her hero the one to change it all, I want to see all rains disappear and start to shine. I want to clear her clouds changing darkness with the sun, cheer up and make her bright so we can see a true smile and the most amazing smile of all.

I feel her soft smooth hands with every hug she gives, such great touch nothing can be compared. It all seems right but suddenly feeling something wrong, something so far and fetched but true it's her past. Her skin softly shaking with every single touch, unsure of what to feel drowning in her thoughts. Can be easily un seen or even be unfelt but when you get to learn it all starts rushing full of clear. Wish to be and back in the gear. She's just so amazing hard to feel her pains, she sure don't deserve im sorry my sweet dear.

Her soul just bright and shining like never seen before, filled with so much beauty hope it don't explode. Babe I know you're hurting drowning in your tears, never felt such pain please baby make it change. So much in your soul, more than can be told please never let it go as its the amazement of you girl. I know it's just so hard and dark in every way, but you can make the change cause girl you got the soul. Let it shine so bright, brighter than before, let it shine your way and get out of this hole.

Her heart slowly pounding away running to what she feels, fast beat means she's happy but slow is sad and deadly. It's hurting in many ways and needs to be saved before it stops as baby your heart is important, it's the center core of it all. It's what keeps you going, what keeps you fighting through all the way, baby keep it beating I know it hurts but I promise you will find another beautiful day. Your heart will find the sun and more beautiful than ever before, shining just so bright just for you on such a lovely way. Baby please keep fighting and I promise you that day light will be found ones again.

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, March 9, 2014

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