Rubaba Mmahajia Rahma Sabtiu

In Praise Of Nobility (Twenty-Five) - Poem by Rubaba Mmahajia Rahma Sabtiu

Where are you animal rights advocates?
Did you know?
Did you know this man?
Did you know of a man ever like him?
No! You could not a man like him know
He was one, like no other
He loved the humans
He loved the animals too
To the humans he was compassionate
The animals too his compassion felt
Do not sit on them and while away time
Do not keep them hungry you people
Do not burden them beyond their ability
So he taught and that they learned
Salaam and Rahma upon him should rain
Did he not send the man walking back?
That one who the mother bird and babies had caught
Let her be O you!
Take her back but to her habitat
That he said and that he obeyed
Do not dare kill her you people
If not for food but just for fun
For the death of them could never be fun
That he warned and firmly too
Do not kill it again and again
That he had cautioned
Be thoughtful, don't sharpen the knife
Not before the eyes of that which you prepare to slaughter
Rahma! Rahma! Rahma! Rahma he was!
He was Rahma upon all the kinds
Mercy! He felt and he showed mercy
He was a man, unique
Salaam and Rahma upon him should rain
And when that animal his face had been branded
Curses he had thrown upon the brander
For that was to him was inhuman
Ride them only when you feed them well
Eat them only when you feed them well
Fear Him who the animal created, Allah
For indeed they are unable to speak
You O people! You should not them bully
Did not with him animals talk?
Believe it for so it was
When the animal about his master had complained
He leaves me hungry and very tired
Rasuul of Allah the owner had sought
Have you no fear of Allah O you!
He was a man, caring to humans
He was a man, caring to the animals
About him you must learn
On his way you must stay
His words you must heed
Salaam and Rahma upon him should rain
This is the nobility about which I sing
This is the nobility I live to praise
This is the nobility whose love drunken me
This is the nobility I wish to see
This is the nobility I pray to touch
Salaam and Rahma upon him should rain

Poet's Notes about The Poem

RMRS (July,2014, Ramadaan Twenty-five)

A poem each day of Ramadaan in praise of the Rasuulul Laah suallal Laahu alayhi wa sallam entitled: IN PRAISE OF NOBILIT

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, July 31, 2014

Poem Edited: Friday, August 1, 2014

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