Marcellus Watts

The Reality - Poem by Marcellus Watts

Reality the place you’ll always be
The place that’s never fantasy
The place that’s ruled by logic, laws of physics
The place that’s a place and never a home…
The place that proves how much human you are
The reality is a constant reminder how old you are
How young you are
It makes you estimate your death
The Reality is everyone dies ugly in there way
The reality is were never old enough
Reality never ages or gets any younger
The reality is there is no god or someone to watch us
The reality is we’ll always be alone
The reality is we get what we get
No matter how good or bad we are
No matter how hard we try to escape
Reality is all around its matter
It’s inside us, its time and space
It’s everything about us
Body, sex, looks, hair, personality
It’s has always been “what you see is what you get”
The reality is I’ll always be immature
I’ll never be as mature and smart as I want to be
That’s Reality
The reality is I’ll never have a fair life
I’ll never be as old as I wanted to be
I’ll never be clean from sins
The reality is I’ll always be cursed
I’ll always be the immature, crazy, out of control, bipolar 14 year old
The reality is…there’s a reality

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, May 26, 2010

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