Soleil Starchild

The Rebuttal - Poem by Soleil Starchild

You all got me fucked up
Always telling me I'm not black enough
Because I love rock 'n' roll
And not Love and Hip Hop

Maybe if you read a history book
You would know rock music is as much ours as hip-hop
The 'great' Elvis stole it from us

I'm not gonna apologize for this
While you all are on your iPhones looking up NBA plays
You could be looking up all that we made
But our credit got taken away

I think I'm sensing jealously
Always hating on my eyes, my hair, and my complexion
While you go to the beauty mart
Trying to look like me

So let's get this right
You were told you weren't pretty unless you looked like me
But then you told me I wasn't pretty because I don't look like you
So now we have this superficial vicious cycle of self-hate
Based off some bullshit some white man said

Don't judge a book by it cover
And don't judge me for reading one
Or for not buying, or rather selling
Out to the lies of urban fiction

Lies and stereotypes
Can be one in the same
Yet we buy into this game
And then we wonder why everyone thinks the worst of us

Yes, I have unlimited minutes
Unlimited funds, not so much
You know they make no-contract phones now?

Even if I were white,
Biracial or whatever you assume
It wouldn't mean I had a lot
Have you seen a trailer park?

For those who think I speak 'white'
Don't sweat
It's just proper English
It's not like all white people speak correctly
What does 'git 'er done' mean anyway?

This is my rebuttal
I do love my people
But you all got me fucked up

Poet's Notes about The Poem

I wrote this poem as a rebuttal to the comments I receive as a black girl from other members of the black community.

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, November 14, 2013

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