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You Suck At Comedy - Poem by benjamin bueno

You suck at comedy. That's how it is. America's dying. And i tricked you to death. Pools of blood coming undone. People that have ears. Let me see you. Am i not a man that's not a grunt. You should thank me everyday that your alive. I couldv'e killed you. And every cell of your body would die. Let me kill you. Bologna and sharks. We're all talking about it. And before you can sink your teeth in. I hate being ignored. Your never gonna get what everyone else has. It's never gonna be equal so you might as well know that right now. And you should only look at theyr bowl to see if they have enough. Do you get it? I feel like i've been talking forever. I hate you. Sometimes i wish they weren't alive. They would suck shit out of a sprinkler. And they say the same thing about me. I'm not the wild one. I'm the tame one. Did you know? They took me out of the poop shoot. Because i'm mean. Come with me. And you'll see. A world of pure imagination. No. But keep going. I thought you were dead. And i missed you. And when we lost the last one. The pain was too much. And i know it's all quiet and weird. But it was fun. And I would not wanna go through labor. But i made a new friend. What are friends for? I love that kid to pieces. But i wish he was never born. And that's how it is. I know you're going through stuff right now but it's shit. You have to make a choice. And you have to make it fast. Don't let your kid die because it's awkward with strangers. The master understands that the world is forever out of order. I like art. I can fix this. You suck at comedy. You push my buttons. My back hurts. Big problems happen because the avoidance of small ones. I showed a girl with downsyndrome my penis. And i have to walk around and live with myself. I was eight. But it happened. Across the street from kentucky fried chicken. If i never work with you again its fine by me. Am i making you nervous. You don't even know that i exist. I'm on edge. I don't wanna see your sad little face at the end of this road. Everytime i look at your face it wrecks me. And now that you're gone, this i know, i finally have to face myself. Goodbye. The truth will set you free but it will first make you miserable.

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Poem Edited: Thursday, December 26, 2013

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